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Daniel Bennett

Apart from being a partner of Comprehensive Investigations and Consulting, Daniel Bennett serves as the CEO of Liberty Forensics. Liberty Forensics provides expertise in DNA investigations and testing.

Bennett served as the Secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security from 2015 to 2018 under Governor Baker. As Secretary, he oversaw over 10,000 employees in over a dozen agencies. Bennett was in charge of the Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts Department of Corrections, Massachusetts Parole Board, Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board and the Massachusetts Fire Marshal’s Office. He was responsible for numerous investigations into potential misconduct by employees of those agencies. During his four years as Secretary, he worked diligently with unions, management and the public.

Previous to his work in the Governor’s Cabinet, Bennett was the First Assistant to the District Attorney in Worcester County for four years. He has tried approximately 30 murder cases, including the Kevin Harkin’s case; a cold case for more than twenty years. Three murder convictions were obtained even though the victim’s body was never discovered. Bennett was awarded the Prosecutor of the Year Award in 2013. As First Assistant, Bennett supervised over one hundred employees. He evaluated thousands of investigations to determine the validity and feasibility of prosecuting those cases. In this role, Bennett also worked with the police on a daily basis. Additionally, he worked on issues that involved significant outreach with the public, such as sponsoring youth and social initiatives.

In 2010, Bennett was the Senior Trial Attorney in the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office. He was a chief advisor to District Attorney Gerry Leone. Bennett tried many significant and challenging trials during his four years there, including The Commonwealth vs. Odgren and The Commonwealth vs. Fitzpatrick. He was involved in the Community Based Justice Program which promoted cooperation between law enforcement, schools, the Department of Youth Services, and Probation.

Prior to his role in Middlesex, Bennett was a defense attorney for 8 years. He was a named partner at Torney, Mahoney, Diamond & Bennett. He served as a zealous and effective advocate for his clients. Bennett analyzed the basis of charges in numerous cases during his time as a defense attorney. He worked to ensure his clients received the best defense possible. Bennett is a graduate of Harvard University and Suffolk University Law School. On the Harvard Football team, he won the Robert F. Kennedy Award for determination and desire.


Daniel Bennett
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