Our Mission

Traditionally, investigations into alleged employee misconduct have been carried out in-house. This system can potentially lead to biased investigations and public skepticism. We created Comprehensive Investigations and Consulting to conduct truly impartial investigations and provide unbiased reporting.


To ensure we deliver the highest level of fairness and competence, we have put together a deeply experienced team with a diverse array of backgrounds. This diversity is our strength, and allows us to conduct investigations with no preconceived notions about what the result should be. In an ever-changing environment, employers must ensure that their policies and training are consistent with local, state and federal mandates.


Comprehensive Investigations and Consulting can assist agencies with evidence management, policy revisions as well as the latest training techniques to ensure compliance. POST legislation may be a challenging adjustment, but departments can be guided through this period with the help of the CIC team's unmatched legal, legislative, and law enforcement expertise.

Comprehensive Investigations

and Consulting

Conducting independent and unbiased investigations for local and state agencies. Consulting services also provided to strengthen policies, procedures, and compliance with local, state, and federal mandates.

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